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Mega Health Benefits of Omega Fatty Acids and Glutathione

Omega Oils, also known as fatty acids Combined with Glutathione, a preferred therapy for a Healthy living, especially as your aged above 40 (also known as the sick zone). A combination of MAX 357 A SPECIAL BLEND of OMEGA 3, OMEGA 5 & OMEGA 7 Fatty Acids and CELLGEVITY a most effective GLUTATHIONE PRECURSOR (300% better than any other in the market) is highly recommended. These supplements  exclusively available from Max International provide numerous positive benefits on the body and brain performance.
According to the World Health Organization (W.H.O), every individual passes through three Zones of life. These are: Vibrant Zone (from age 0 – 25); tired zone (from age 26-50) and sick zone (from age 50 and above). When you are within the Vibrant Zone (age 0-25), your glutathione level is usually very high, your cells are still vibrant and active. But as you age into the tired zone (from age 26-50), your glutathione level begins to decline and you will begin to notice some symptoms like general body tiredness, poor sexual performance, inability to sleep well, etc. If proper care is not taking, the person will go into the sick zone with life threatening health challenges like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, glaucoma, Kidney/ liver disease, etc


Fatty acids are an essential part of human nutrition and are absolutely required for a healthy body. Humans used to secure much of their fatty acid intake through regular diet, but today our intake of fatty acids has fallen for two reasons:
1 – Faulty research has led to public fear about how consuming any kind of fat can lead to weight gain and health problems, pushing us to reduce our overall fat intake – including healthy fats.
2- Food manufacturers have removed fats from processed foods, but replaced them with either sugar or unhealthy
saturated fats as way to improve taste and texture.

There are actually many kinds of fatty acids, and the beneficial ones have proven benefits for cardiovascular system, skin care, brain function, and the metabolic system. Our proprietary 3-5-7 blend of Omega oils has been specially designed to support the upkeep of your body and mind by offering a complementary combination that provides your body the resources it requires to function at optimal levels.


Omega 3 fatty acids
Omega 3 fatty acids are recognized as one of the best studied nutritional supplements. More than 11,000 papers attest to many benefits of Omega 3, specifically the acids EPA and DHA. EPA and DHA have been shown to deliver benefits for heart health and brain function and promoting healthy child development.

Another type of Omega 3, Alpha Linolenic Acid, is sourced from plants and supplements the effects of EPA and DHA by working to reduce the effects of high blood pressure.

Omega 5 fatty acids
Omega 5 is the only known botanical source of Punicic Acid, a very potent antioxidant. Omega 5’s antioxidant level exceeds that of grape seed extract and has shown positive effects on cell repair,
digestion, and skin care.

Omega 7 fatty acids
Palmitoleic Acid is an Omega 7 fatty acid that has benefits for heart health, insulin sensitivity, moisture replenishment of mucosal membranes, and anti-aging effects for skin, hair and nails


Glutathione is an antioxidant that is produced and found in every cell of our body. It is the body’s master antioxidant
and chief cell protector against free radicals and oxidative stress. Among the critical roles it Flls, Glutathione protects us from harmful toxins in the environment by acting as one of the body’s primary detoxiFers. To learn more about the essential role Glutathione plays in our lives, see the Glutathione Fact Sheet.

Unfortunately, our bodies are continually subjected to extreme demands from work, stress, and everyday life, not
to mention the harmful toxins, pollution, and free radicals that are constantly attacking our cells. All of these combined put a heavy toll on our Glutathione demand.

Many of the methods of increasing Glutathione are either not effective or are non-efFcient for what our bodies need.
Simply supplementing Glutathione orally is limited in effectiveness for raising Glutathione levels because it is destroyed in the digestion process before it is able to reach

Glutathione Fact Sheet

• Is Your Body’s Master Antioxidant
Glutathione is considered the master antioxidant due to its unique multifunctional characteristics as well as its ability to neutralize many types of free radicals that assault the cell. It is one of the only antioxidants that can recycle itself again and again to continually fight free radicals.
• Is The Primary Detoxifer of the Cell
Today we are confronted by thousands of chemicals in the air we breathe, the food and water we ingest, and the materials we touch and handle. Many of these toxic chemicals enter our cells and must be eliminated to protect the cell and maintain optimum function. Glutathione is one of the cell’s first line of defense against chemicals and toxins and the primary detoxifier that can eliminate many of these toxins when it is present in optimal amounts.
• Is A Powerful Chelator of Heavy Metals
Heavy metals enter our cells in the same manner as chemical toxins. Fortunately, they can be removed from the cell by a process of chelation. Glutathione is one of the cell’s most powerful chelating agents.
• Is The Protector of the Immune Cell
Our immune cells are designed to protect us, but what protects the immune cells? Glutathione is the protector of the immune cells and is one of the ways in which our bodies support and protect the immune system.
• Is The Protector of Mitochondrial DNA
The breakdown of the mitochondrial DNA accelerates aging and increases cell death. Glutathione is the protector of the Mitochondrial DNA. The lower the glutathione level, the more vulnerable to damage this DNA becomes.
• Is The Protector of the Nucleus of the Cell
The nucleus of the cell regulates all cell activity and protecting it is critical to the health of the cell and its optimal function. When present in sufficient amounts, glutathione gives the nucleus the protection it needs.
• Is Vital for Reduces Oxidative Stress
Oxidative Stress is the most aggressive destructive force that assaults the cell. Cells manufacture a number of antioxidants to counter oxidative stress. Glutathione plays a primary role in neutralizing many different types of free radicals and supporting our antioxidant defense system.
• Is The Re-Utilizing Agent of Ingested Antioxidants
Antioxidants that are ingested that are not manufactured by the body, such as vitamin C or E, cannot be re-utilized by the cell after they have been spent, unless they are first converted into a usable state. Glutathione is the agent that converts those antioxidants into a state that can be utilized by the cell.
• Is The Reducing Agent for Hemoglobin, Allowing it to Transport Oxygen to Every Cell
The purpose of hemoglobin is to carry oxygen to all living cells. However, when it is oxidized it cannot carry an oxygen molecule and must first be reduced to an acceptable state. Glutathione protects hemoglobin from oxidizing agents and can also reduce the oxidized form to make this possible.
• Is heavily studied for its many benefits
There are over 100,000 scientific studies and articles recorded on Pub Med, the official U.S. Government library of medical research, that research the important role and function that glutathione plays in the body


Max357TM supports the body’s daily function by supplying three different kinds of essential fatty acids – Omega 3,
Omega 5, and Omega 7.

Essential fatty acids have proven positive effects on heart health and brain function – making them a necessary part of the human diet. Modern diets often do not provide enough good fatty acids for the body to function as well as it should, which is why many doctors and scientists highly recommend taking Omega oil supplements on a daily basis.

Healthy and Sustainable

Max357 uses Norwegian cod oil for its Omega 3 fatty acids content. Norwegian wild cod stocks are the largest and most sustainable in any ocean and cod is considered the healthiest fish in the world – one of the best resources of pure Omega 3.

The fish used in Max357 is recognized by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) as a product that obtains its fish in a sustainable way, ensuring that fish stocks aren’t overfished. The blue MSC eco label identifies products that contribute the health of our ocean resources by adhering to 3 principles:
1. Fish only at sustainable levels
2. Fisheries minimize environmental impacts
3. Effective fishery management that adheres to national and international laws

Product Benefits

Cardiovascular health
Helps to normalize lipid profiles, improve cholesterol levels, promote circulation and healthy vascular function.
Cellular health
Helps to maintain cell membrane integrity and fluidity, also provides key nutrients for cell signaling.
Brain and nerve health
Helps protect against oxidation of brain and nerve cells.
Insulin resistance
Improves glucose uptake, glucose utilization, and insulin sensitivity.
Skin care
Supports moisture replenishment of mucosal membranes, providing anti-aging benefits for skin, hair and nails.
Satiety and weight management Helps to improves satiety and supports fat metabolism.
Helps to maintain healthy eyes.



Cellgevity™ provides health and wellness support by providing the breakthrough compound RiboCeine™ and 12 other synergistic ingredients. Cellgevity supports the production and function of Glutathione, including supporting the removal of harmful toxins and neutralizing free radical damage.

RiboCeine, the Glutathione Breakthrough

Although scientists have known for decades about the health benefits of Glutathione, the challenge has been how to safely and effectively increase Glutathione levels. Up to now, methods of increasing Glutathione levels have not been
efficient in elevating Glutathione to optimal levels.

RiboCeine solves this problem of how to increase Glutathione levels by providing cysteine, a fragile amino
acid necessary to produce Glutathione, in a patented formula that can be absorbed through the digestive
system. RiboCeine has been the subject of twenty two published, peer-reviewed scientic studies that were
funded by the National Institutes of Health and other scientific institutions. These studies have shown RiboCeine’s effectiveness in increasing Glutathione levels and effectively fighting against the effects of oxidative stress.

RiboCeine is based on 25 years of scientific research and was developed by the world-renowned research scientist and medicinal chemist Herbert T. Nagasawa, Ph.D.

Advanced RiboCeine Technology

RiboCeine is the foundation of Cellgevity because of how it effectively delivers cysteine. To better support this process, Cellgevity includes 12 science based ingredients that support the production of Glutathione and all its multifunctional roles of protecting the cells, organs, and tissues.

`Product Benefits

• Cellgevity is a synergistic blend of RiboCeine combined with twelve additional ingredients to form Max International’s most effective health supplement.
• RiboCeine has signicantly outperformed all other means of Glutathione enhancement against which it has been tested.
• Includes a powerful source of curcumin that has been scientifically shown to have a 29% improved bioavailability than common sources of curcumin.
• The broccoli seed extract chosen uses the highest concentration of the active ingredient sulforaphane glucosinolate
and is the same product used in the studies at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
• Employs BioPerine to enhance the bioavailability of key nutrients.


Alpha Lipoic Acid – a powerful endogenous antioxidant known to combat various forms of oxidative stress and to recycle other antioxidants. Together with Glutathione, they protect the fat and water portions of the cells from different types of free radicals.
Broccoli Seed Extract (SGS-brand) – protects against DNA damaging electrophiles and helps cells neutralize toxins and carcinogens so they are eliminated from cells. It helps to induce the antioxidant enzymes used in phase II detoxification to boost antioxidant activity for as much as three days.
Curcumin (Meriva‡) – a potent antioxidant that fights free radicals and has been known to reduce inammation. Curcumin also induces Phase II enzymes that support the Glutathione detoxifi-cation pathway.
Resveratrol – an antioxidant known to have cardio-protective properties.
Grape Seed Extract – grape seed proanthocyanidins support antioxidant activity.
Quercetin – a supporting fiavonoid antioxidant that scavenges free radicals that can damage cells.
Milk Thistle Seed Extract (silybum marianum) – a powerful antioxidant used to support a healthy liver by supporting the removal of harmful toxins and heavy metals that are stored in the liver.
Vitamin C – an exogenous antioxidant that is considered a network antioxidant and known to support the immune system.
Selenium (Selenomethionine) – the essential catalytic component of the enzyme Glutathione peroxidase (GPx) and is absolutely required for its function. The Glutathione peroxidase enzyme is responsible for the detoxification of lipid peroxides, and Glutathione is an absolutely required co-factor for this enzyme.
Cordyceps – has been used as a Chinese medicine for centuries and has been studied for its activity in restoring energy, increasing stamina, promoting longevity and improving quality of life.
Black Pepper (BioPerine*) – has been shown to assist in the absorption of Selenomethionine, Vitamin C, and Curcumin.
Aloe Leaf – Aloe is known to support the immune system and has antioxidant functions.

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